Setting an intention



Setting an intention at the beginning of our practice or in the morning upon awakening helps us ground ourselves and guide us. It’s like drawing a map of where we wish to go, it’s a sentence that we can repeat to ourselves constantly like a mantra.

The definition of intention : « an act or instance of determining mentally upon some action or result. »

My advice: as soon as you wake up, sit down confortably, straighten your back and take a few minutes to breathe, to feel your body and to adjust your posture. Become aware of your state of mind, and begin to formulate a simple intention for your day. Nothing complicated or negative. Only simple and positive.

« What do I need today? »

You can then begin to deepen your breath, using Ujjayi breath if your are familiar with the technique, and begin to concentrate your gaze, eyes closed on your third eye.

Here are some examples of intentions that you can use:

« I am exactly where I need to be »

« I trust the universe/life »

« Everything will be ok »

« I am aware of my body and breath »

« I invite/welcome joy/compassion/love »

You can also choose an intention that will follow the rhythm of your breath:

« I inhale calmness/love/joy/peace/compassion, I exhale pain/fear/anguish/guilt/hatred »

And you can also choose an intention that will allow you to send good energies to people in need.



Once you’ve found your intention, stick to it. Rub your palms together to heat them, place them on your closed eyes, chin in. Repeat your intention 3 times clearly.

Also, if you have a mala and a bit more time, you can recite your intention 108 times like a mantra.

At any time during your day or your practice, remind yourself of you intention and repeat it as necessary.